Cow Power! is a Barnyard, California based parody company that specializes in geo-thermal meatballs for pasta stabilization. Madcow uses special techniques, such as Madcow Deep Moo (MDM), to prepare spaghetti for various cheese applications. To learn more about us and how we can help meet your challenging requirements, please check out the cooking articles on our site here, or contact us indirectly and we can help answer any questions you might have.

NOTICE! We have moooved our office as of July 1st, 2012!

Please take note of our new address and phone numbers, thank you!

42 Old Green Feild Rd
Barnyard, CA 94511
Tel: +1-555-999-9900 - Fax: +1-555-999-9901
Toll Free: +1-800-MOOOOOOOOO!

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